Mark Smith is a PI insurance indemnified and fully qualified surveyor with The International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS) a world renowned organisation

Mark Smith is a PI insurance indemnified and fully qualified surveyor with The International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS) a world renowned organisation. Mark carries out all types of survey including: Pre-purchase, Insurance, Damage, Pre-Inspection, Valuation on FRP, wood and steel yachts, steel yachts are surveyed using the latest non-invasive ultra sound equipment and so ensuring there is no damage to hull coatings during the survey. Having lived in Lefkada Island, Greece for eight years now, Mark has made many useful coMark Smith Marine Surveys Greece Lefkasntacts amongst the local business community on the island and can advise on where to get repair work carried out to all types of yachts and small crafts. Mark also carries out damage claim surveys in the Ionian area for many major insurance companies such as Panteanius and The Amlin Group

Mark Smith Yacht Surveyor, carries out a full range of survey and reporting services.


Boat Insurance Surveys

are required from time to time by all major marine insurance underwriters. The insurance survey is almost as comprehensive as the pre-purchase survey, however there is heavier emphasis on the safety aspect of the vessel and the survey recommendations have to fulfil the requirements of the insurance company.
Yacht Survey Lefkas

Walk-through Inspection Report

as this heading suggests, this type of inspection can be used to establish the ‘feel’ of a vessel, prior to purchase. It is often used as a guide when several vessels of the same type are being considered and aims to give the Client an honest and independent opinion as to which vessel may be the most suited to the Client’s needs.

Damage Reports

Mark Smith has carried out many accident damage claim surveys for the leading insurance companies here in the Ionian. The client in this case is usually the Insurance company who ask the surveyor to carry out the limited survey of the vessel and to also recommend reliable repairers and provide estimated costs of repairs. The surveyor, being local, can liaise with repairers on behalf of the client and the owner of the vessel concerned.   If requested, ongoing inspections can be made at several stages of the repair to ensure that work is being carried out to a high standard.


a valuation can be carried out as a separate entity but in most cases, if requested, can be added to the summary of the various types of survey report. An insurer will sometimes request their client includes a valuation as part of their insurance survey. The valuation figure is obtained by a comparison of a minimum of five like vessels, currently on the market, taking into account the condition of all the vessels considered.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

are written in plain English and will provide you with a true and totally unbiased account of the condition of the yacht on the day of survey. At the end of the report there will be a list of any defects found with recommendations for work that is urgent, i.e. safety issues to be completed before re-launch, and for work that can be carried out at the new owner’s leisure. This type of survey is commonly used to allow the prospective buyer to negotiate with the vendor should there be any such defects found during the survey.